Thank you for all your work in helping us find a place to enjoy with our Furry Kids. You helped us find our first home and now, 12 years later, you have helped us find our second property, again, thank you. I think we have spent so many hours together in the car while searching/viewing homes and acreages, that we will almost, (just almost Lol!) miss you. We know we have been a pain at times, so we thank you for your patience, and your honesty, although at times it was hard to hear.

We wish you the best in the Real Estate business. We know we will enjoy our new getaway home.

Ivania & Jacqui, along with Jax, Molly and Blacky
Spring 2019

Dave Bowman, Realtor, readily helped us find a new home five years ago. He gathered our needs and wants and arranged the viewings; and when we were feeling pretty discouraged from the available units in our price range, we came across The One. As soon as we walked in, we knew right away that we would be comfortable, cozy, and safe. Fast forward five years when it came time to sell the property, the first and only call was to Dave Bowman. Dave set up a meeting so we could get the ball rolling, he provided information to me on selling property, and immediately began to do the market assessment.

When it came to posting the property, and showing, and being on hand to answer questions, Dave was very reliable. One thing that I found really consistent with Dave is his communication with me. He called to update after public showings; he answered his phone when I called and on the rare occasion he couldn't, he promptly called me back when he was able. I appreciate Dave's insight into the real estate market and trends, he kept me up to date on market and trends and how these typically and historically affected the sellers and the buyers. When a first offer came in, Dave made sure to remind me of what to expect next in this phase of the selling process - I appreciated that, and he listened to me as well.

It isn't every day that you can have an actual discussion and not be judged - Dave never judged me and that is a very important character trait that I needed from him during this complex and what sometimes can be an emotional time for people. I wasn't able to be in town throughout this semi-final phase and I was able to rely on Dave to be my eyes and ears; and to communicate with contractors; City workers; and inspectors. He was on hand to communicate, take photos and oversee that the jobs were complete. Everything worked out; in my view it was 99.9% smooth.

It's because Dave Bowman is an exceptional realtor, and genuinely capable man who isn't phased by sudden factors affecting a sale or purchase. The business of selling homes requires people to excel in communication; knowledge and experience; general handyman advisory skills; availability. Dave has all of these necessary skills and traits and I recommend Dave Bowman; and when it comes time to purchase property again, I will call Dave first!! Thank you Dave, for all your help and guidance, and making the process of buying and selling so much easier than it really is!

Gail L. Bitternose
Edmonton, Alberta
Summer 2018


What do you look for in a realtor? I look for honesty, integrity and hard work. I found these qualities in Dave Bowman. We have used Dave�s services a number of times in recent years. He is not first of all concerned about his commission. He does not overlook potential or real flaws in a place. He goes the extra mile for you, by supplying ideas, information not easily obtained or alternate suggestions. These qualities are rare and I appreciate finding them in Dave!

Ev and Linda Vroon, 2018.


Today I would like to express my gratitude to DAVE BOWMAN of Royal Lepage ArTeam Realty. When I was tasked to sell my friend's house it was a new adventure for me as I was clueless about the whole process. On the recommendation of a friend I contacted Dave, best move I ever did. Dave held my hand throughout the intricacies of house selling. He arrived for our first meeting prepared, he had all the info on the house meaning that we could proceed with listing the property asap. Thank you Dave you are my hero. I WOULD RECOMMEND DAVE BOWMAN TO ANYONE NEEDING A REALTOR.

Suzanne Shaw


Hi Dave!!

How are you? Its been a whole year since you helped us get a new home!!! I been wanting to say Thank you to you at various times this first year, as a new homeowner. THANK YOU DIGGER DAVE!! You were awesome every step, as the process got a bit grueling. It was a comfort to have you as our realtor. Your experience and wisdom was always helpful. Well, one year has gone by fast. We LOVE our place, its cozy, its perfect and it met all of our needs and wants. I still cant believe it. We do appreciate all you did for us. I hope all is well and great with you and yours!! God Bless. :)).

Gail Bitternose



Doris and I have known Digger Dave Bowman for over 20 years. We had particular needs and he found us what we required. He was a great help in putting together an awesome deal to purchase our new home in Millet. We are very happy with our purchase. We highly recommend Dave Bowman.

Wayne and Doris Wolver



I have known Digger Dave for over 30 years as a musician, but we hadn't been in touch for about 25 years. When I started looking for an acreage I was reluctant to use an agent, but when I found out Dave was a Realtor I decided I would call to see if he could find the dream property I was looking for. I had less than 6 weeks time to purchase a home and get moved in. I gave Dave my requirements and price range and he quickly found six properties that fit my demands. He took me to see all the properties working around my schedule even pointing out the pros and cons of each. The last property we looked at is the one I immediately fell in love with and was prepared to make an offer on. Through Dave's negotiations with the listing agent, the seller and I were able to agree on a price. After having a home inspection completed, which uncovered some minor issues, Dave went back to the sellers agent and was able to negotiate an even lower price. Digger also got a quick enough possession date that allowed me to move in over a three week period which saved me even more money. I had known Digger Dave to be a great musician, but he is an even better real estate agent. Calling him for help was one of the best decisions I made. I would recommend that anyone looking to buy a home, or for someone planning to sell their home, to use Digger Dave as their agent.

Carl Cave